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Warriors 22     Broncos 26


Into the last minute. The Broncos should seal this. 

The Warriors have turned it over, and Watene-Zelezniak breaks - he kicks back infield, but the Broncos get to it.

The siren goes, and play is stopped, but Harris has challenged.

More in hope than expectation, you think. Nothing wrong with the play.

That's game. 

80 mins

Huge set. Two minutes left. Reynolds kicks off.

Ale takes the first tackle, Fonua-Blake the second. 

Sironen goes himself on the third, Curran the fourth. Harris carries over halfway and they go to the right.

Berry is tackled inside the half. One play to win it.

The Warriors go to the left this time, Metcalf to Pompey, who draws in the defenders and gets it away to Montoya! Montoya takes them on, spins past Sailor - and he scores! 

Napier erupts!!! 

Hang on though, the Bunker wants to have a look at it. Mariner is claiming he was taken out by Pompey - and it's been ruled out!

I'm not allowed to swear on here, but that is an absolute crock.

78 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Another delay, but we're ready to go again. Sironen runs from the back of the scrum as he and Ale take the first two tackles.

Harris takes the third, Niukore the fourth.

Huge overlap on the left - and Pompey puts Montoya over! Game on!

Big kick for Johnson again, and he gets it!

WAR 22 BRO 26

77 mins

Warriors need to score twice from here. 

Fonua-Blake takes the first tackle, Ale the second. Niukore does well with the third, Metcalf takes the fourth.

Curran carries over halfway and offloads to Sironen, who finds Pompey.

Capewell knocks on trying to intercept, and gives the Warriors a scrum.

75 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Johnson kicks off, and it's knocked on by Sailor to give the Warriors a set in the Broncos' half.

They go wide as Watene-Zelezniak has a burst on the right, but the Broncos defend. Fonua-Blake runs on the third, tackled.

Sironen goes short to Nicoll-Klokstad - and he goes over! Is it too late?

Johnson converts.

WAR 16 BRO 26

74 mins - TRY BRONCOS

Play will resume. Broncos scrum. 

Farnworth runs off the back and is tackled, but play is stopped again. 

Ready to resume again. Hetherington runs on the third and wins a set restart. 

Piakura runs into a gap before Johnson stops him. Reynolds and Mam combine to put Riki on the line, but he's tackled.

They go wide to Arthars on the wing, but Watene-Zelezniak tackles him. Reynolds kicks on the last, it bounces off Harris, and six more is called.

Hetherington runs and nearly breaks the line, before they go wide to Sailor.

Sailor kicks through the line, and Mariner beats Montoya and Nicoll-Klokstad to get a double.

That should be it.

Reynolds to put the Broncos ahead by 16, and he does.

WAR 10 BRO 26

70 mins

Metcalf runs, but the ball is stripped again. Harris calls for the captain's challenge, but the referee says it's too late.

There's a streaker now as well. 

70 mins

Last tackle for the Broncos, Reynolds runs and throws a pass out to the left, but Watene-Zelezniak snaps it up.

Reynolds is cramping.

68 mins

Reynolds kicks on the last, and Nicoll-Klokstad fields it. Montoya takes the second, Metcalf carries over halfway on the third, but Capewell has stolen it?

Ruled as a one on one strip.

67 mins

Fonua-Blake takes the first and goes over halfway, Harris the second.

Metcalf runs on the third and gets to the 30. Afoa takes the fourth, Berry the fifth.

Last play. Johnson kicks but Mariner gets it.

66 mins

Reynolds kicks on the last, straight to Watene-Zelezniak at the back for the first tackle - and he wins a penalty! 

Nicoll-Klokstad comes back on.

65 mins

Reynolds kicks off again. Afoa takes the first tackle off the back fence.

Nicoll-Klokstad has passed his concussion test. Johnson kicks on the last, and Arthars is driven backwards by Curran - as is Capewell!

The Warriors have come alive!

63 mins - TRY WARRIORS

The Warriors go to the left, but Montoya is forced to tidy up and they lose metres.

Harris takes it back to the 10 on the fourth, as Ford carries inside on the fifth.

Last play. Metcalf goes to Harris, who goes to Johnson. 

Johnson nearly slips Niukore through, who gets it back to Johnson - who bats it over to Watene-Zelezniak to go over for a second! 

Big kick for Johnson, but he pushes it to the left of the post.

WAR 10 BRO 20

61 mins

Pompey kicks off, and Staggs gets a hand on it before it goes dead! Great restart for the Warriors, dropout forced.

Reynolds finds Watene-Zelezniak, who gives it to Afoa to take the first hitup. Sifakula takes the second, and wins a penalty.

Willison took out the legs, so is placed on report.


Johnson's kick doesn't go the distance. Penalty for the Broncos, and the Broncos want the points.

He lines it up, and makes no mistake.

The Warriors need to score three times to win from here.

WAR 6 BRO 20

57 mins

The Broncos go to their left as Paix takes the line on, but Watene-Zelezniak saves a try.

They go back the other way to Mariner, but he's tackled. 

Tapau takes his time and runs the clock down a bit on the fourth. Mam kicks through the line, but Harris gets to it first before he's tackled to give away a dropout.

56 mins

Big shift needed from the Warriors now. Lussick has failed his concussion test. He won't be back.

Sifakula gives away a penalty for a high tackle.

55 mins - TRY BRONCOS

Reynolds splits Harris and Johnson, and he breaks into the Warriors' half.

He throws two dummies, draws in the last defender - and then finds Mam unmarked to run in and score!

Can Reynolds convert from right in front? He does.

WAR 6 BRO 18

53 mins

The Warriors are down to just two on the bench. Watene-Zelezniak is playing fullback and is forced to run out of danger as Reynolds kicks.

Johnson kicks on the last, Mariner is safely under it.

Berry has gone to the wing, Niukore has moved into centre for the Warriors. One more injury and Tuaupiki can come in. 

51 mins

The Broncos run on the last. Riki kicks over the top, but Nicoll-Klokstad is safe at the back.

He's stayed down hurt though. It doesn't look like a headknock, so he'll carry on for now.

Montoya takes the first tackle, Watene-Zelezniak the second. Berry takes the third, Watene-Zelezniak the fourth. 

Play is stopped though, Nicoll-Klokstad is now sent for a concussion test as well.

They restart as Harris takes the fifth, and Johnson kicks on the last, straight to Sailor.

50 mins

Ale takes the first tackle, Fonua-Blake the second.

Johnson nearly sends Curran over, but he's tackled on the third.

Nicoll-Klokstad goes on the fourth, before the Warriors go all the way to the left on the fifth. 

Metcalf kicks on the last, but straight to Palasia.

49 mins

Reynolds kicks on the last, straight to Nicoll-Klokstad to restart the set. He takes the first, Watene-Zelezniak the second and he goes over halfway.

Ale goes on the third, and he wins a penalty against Tapau who takes out Sironen.

Big chance coming up.

48 mins

Palasia runs, but Lussick takes a nasty elbow to the head making the tackle.

He'll have to go off for a concussion test. Bayley Sironen comes on as the reserve hooker, but that doesn't look good for Lussick. 

47 mins

Ford carries over halfway on the second tackle, Fonua-Blake goes further on the third. Harris is strong on the fourth, as Johnson nearly slips Ford away.

He offloads to Metcalf, who goes for the line but is tackled on the fifth.

Johnson kicks on the last, but Sailor snaps it up. 

46 mins

Johnson gives away a penalty against Staggs, so the Warriors will have to defend a whole set inside their half.

Reynolds looks to have slipped through on the fourth and scores, but Curran is clearly taken out by Piakura.

We'll go to the Bunker, surely this won't go against the Warriors?

It doesn't. Obstruction is called, Warriors penalty.

45 mins

Last tackle, Reynolds kicks deep and Montoya saves a 40-20.

Nicoll-Klokstad takes the second, Watene-Zelezniak the third. Fonua-Blake the fourth, Johnson kicks on the fifth, but Sailor is so composed as it trickles over the sideline.

43 mins

The Broncos get to halfway with their set, Reynolds kicks on the last - straight to Nicoll-Klokstad who takes the first.

Montoya the second, Watene-Zelezniak the third and gets over halfway.

Lussick goes on the fourth, Fonua-Blake the fifth.

Last tackle, Johnson bombs, but straight to Arthars.

41 mins

Harris is strong in carrying, as Fonua-Blake carries to halfway. 

Johnson kicks on the fifth, straight to Sailor. 

41 mins

The Warriors make their way back out for the second half. They've looked fitter than the Broncos, but can they be more composed?

Reynolds kicks off to start the second half.


The Broncos go over and claim a try through Riki, but the Warriors plead for a forward pass?

The try is awarded. Walters has clearly thrown it forward playing the ball - but the try has been confirmed!

Daylight robbery. 

The siren goes, and Reynolds converts to end the half.

WAR 6 BRO 12

39 mins

Coming up to halfime, how does this end.

Reynolds kicks off, and Ale drops it cold looking for the first hitup! That is a shocker!

Broncos scrum. 

38 mins - TRY WARRIORS

Can the Warriors end the half with some points? They'll restart inside the Broncos' half as Ale takes the first tackle.

Harris takes the second, before they go wide on the third. 

Johnson goes to Nicoll-Klokstad, who goes to Berry, who goes to Watene-Zelezniak - and he's over in the corner! Finally the Warriors break through!

Big kick coming up for Johnson. He lines it up from the right touchline - and lands it!

Give this man a new contract already!


36 mins

Reynolds kicks on the last, and Nicoll-Klokstad takes it safely.

Watene-Zelezniak slips out of one tackle, and keeps running before he's tackle, and wins a penalty for his troubles!

35 mins

A lot of hands on hips from the Broncos, they're looking tired. 

The Warriors restart just inside their half as Ford takes the first tackle, Ale the second.

Harris slips Curran through on the third and he carries over the 30. 

Johnson kicks on the fourth, and the Broncos scramble, but avert any danger.

34 mins

Metcalf nearly slips through, but is tackled on the fifth, as Johnson kicks deep to Mariner on the last.

Reynolds, Mam and Farnworth combine on the fifth, before Metcalf makes the tackle. 

Mam kicks on the last, but straight to Watene-Zelezniak, and the Broncos are penalised for offside.

32 mins

Ford drops the ball, and argues for a penalty, but the referee waves him away. 

Broncos scrum. Tapau nearly slips through, and offloads on the third.

The Broncos go wide, as Berry tackles Farnworth, before Reynolds go back the other way. 

Mam kicks on the last, but Nicoll-Klokstad saves the day.

30 mins

The Broncos restart, and get deep inside the Warriors' half. 

Reynolds kicks on the last, and Sailor beats Watene-Zelezniak in the air. He finds Staggs who kicks through the line, but Lussick gets back and saves it.

28 mins

Curran runs and loses the ball, but it goes backwards. Play on.

Metcalf carries to halfway and wins a set restart. Harris nearly slips Niukore through but he gets to the 10.

Fonua-Blake goes again and gets close to the line. Lussick plays quickly, and dives for the tryline!

Is he over? He's not celebrating. Nope. Tapau has saved the try. 

The Warriors have possession, and one tackle left in this set. Johnson kicks - and gets Watene-Zelezniak, who soars high to get the ball and ground it!

The touch judge says no try, and Watene-Zelezniak doesn't celebrate. 

His foot is in touch when he lands. Another try ruled out.

27 mins

Pompey kicks off and the Broncos restart. 

Reynolds goes high on the last. The ball bounces and it undoes Nicoll-Klokstad, but Riki knocks it on looking to offload. 

Warriors scrum.

26 mins - TRY BRONCOS

Ford wins a penalty as Riki stops the play the ball. Niukore takes the first tackle of the next set, Harris the second. 

Niukore goes again, Johnson and Nicoll-Kloksad combine on the fourth to take it to the line.

Metcalf goes wide on the fifth, but Montoya can't get there and the ball goes to ground.

Mariner snaps it up out of nowhere - and he races away to score the first try of the night!

That's Mariner's first try, playing in place of Selwyn Cobbo on Origin duty. Great pressure on Metcalf from the Broncos.

Reynolds to convert, and does.


22 mins

Watene-Zelezniak is back on the field. Arthars breaks on the left, but Nicoll-Klokstad gets across to save a certain try.

Mam runs on the last, but is tackled to end the set.

21 mins

Palasia carries into the Warriors' half, as Reynolds and Riki combine on the fifth.

Reynolds bombs on the last - but Watene-Zelezniak gets up and snatches it out of the air!

Watene-Zelezniak limps off after that, though. Fonua-Blake carries over halfway on the fifth.

Metcalf kicks on the last, straight to Mariner again. 

19 mins

The Broncos move the ball and attack the left edge through Farnworth, but he's tackled.

Reynolds kicks on the last, but Montoya gets there first.

Nicoll-Klosktad takes the second, and Pompey the third. Niukore goes hard on the fourth, Nicoll-Klokstad again on the fifth.

Johnson kicks on the last, straight to Mariner to restart.

17 mins

Warriors scrum, just inside their half. Watene-Zelezniak takes the first tackle, Afoa the second and goes over halfway.

Pompey takes the third, and wins a set restart. Afoa takes the first, Fonua-Blake just surges towards the 10m line. 

They go wide, as Johnson looks to feed Niukore back inside. Staggs comes out of the line to stop Johnson, but the Warriors move the ball.

Metcalf runs on the fourth and is tackled.

They run on the last, as Johnson finds Nicoll-Klokstad on the right. He beats one tackle, and fires a pass away to Watene-Zelezniak.

Watene-Zelezniak goes for the line, but Mam wraps him up. He's over the line, but "no try" is the call. 

Sailor comes across to disrupt the grounding, and it looks like he's saved another try!

The Broncos are not making this easy.

16 mins

Staggs breaks down the Broncos' right - and carries into the Warriors' half!

Nicoll-Klokstad and Metcalf come across though, and force the knock-on!

Warriors scrum.

15 mins

Ford takes the first tackle from the restart, Fonua-Blake the second, Lussick the third. 

Niukore carries over halfway, as Metcalf tries to show off his footwork.

Afoa gets to the 30 on the fourth, Johnson kicks on the last - and Berry nearly snatches it!

The Broncos come away with it through Arthars though.

14 mins

Broncos will restart with a tap. Riki does well to reach the 40 on the second, Jensen gets to halfway on the third. 

Reynolds and Mam combine, before Sailor spins out of Pompey's tackle. He goes wide to Capewell, who's tackled.

Farnworth goes on the fourth. Reynolds kicks deep on the last, but Montoya is taken out in the air by Riki to give the Warriors a penalty.

14 mins 

Warriors restart on their own 10. Nicoll-Klokstad carries over the 30, and Harris over the 40 by the fourth. 

Fonua-Blake reaches halfway, and offloads to Lussick. Last play, Johnson kicks, and there's a scramble! Berry ends up with it and goes for the line!

The ball comes loose, and Farnsworth runs off - but play is called back. The try has been awarded! Or has it? Tristan Sailor has got his hand under the ball.

The Bunker should overrule this. And they do, that's brilliant from Sailor.

The Warriors are looking good so far tonight regardless.

11 mins

Seven tackle set for Brisbane. Reynolds kicks for Arthars on the fifth, but the ball beats him into touch.

10 mins

Warriors scrum on their own line. Watene-Zelezniak and Niukore take the first two tackles.

Pompey has a go out on the left, but he's tackled. Ford goes next, and makes metres.

Harris goes on the fourth. Metcalf kicks on the last - and Mariner spills it!

The Warriors have the ball right on the tryline! Harris goes close, tackled. Same for Niukore.

Metcalf feeds Montoya on the left, tackled. Metcalf goes himself, tackled.

Harris goes again, tackled. Last play, Johnson kicks - and Watene-Zelezniak dives for the corner but can't hold on as he grounds it.

Great passage for the Warriors regardless.

8 mins

Great chance for the Broncos. Palasia takes the first tackle, before Sailor has a go at the line.

Hetherington goes on the fourth, as Reynolds goes wide to Arthars on the fifth. Last play, and Reynolds goes wide to Capewell on the wing.

The Warriors get across to disrupt, and six more is called as the Broncos win it back. 

Jensen is smashed by Harris, Palasia takes the line on but is tackled.

Jensen goes for the line - but he loses it forwards! Great defence from the Warriors!

Fonua-Blake forced the knock on!

6 mins

Johnson goes short with the dropout, but Ford gives away a penalty after a scramble for possession. Strip the call. 

The Warriors don't challenge.

5 mins

Broncos scrum, on halfway. They go right to start their set through Staggs, and to Palasia on the second.

Walters takes the third, before Hetherington runs at the line on the fourth. 

Reynolds kicks on the fifth, but Nicoll-Klokstad gets back before he's tackled in-goal.


4 mins

Reynolds kicks on the last in an identical set for the Broncos, this time Nicoll-Klokstad takes the first tackle.

Watene-Zelezniak and Montoya take the second and third, and Fonua-Blake takes some tackling on the fourth.

Lussick is called for a forward pass to Harris - fair call.

2 mins

The Broncos get to halfway with their first set, Reynolds kicks on the last, straight to Montoya who takes the first tackle.

Watene-Zelezniak takes the second, and Nicoll-Klokstad the third. Ford takes the fourth and reaches halfway, Fonua-Blake the fifth.

Johnson bombs on the last, and Arthars is safe under it against his former side.


Pompey kicks off, and the Broncos have first use of the ball.


The Broncos are also wearing a special jersey with "thank you NZ" written on it.


Both sets of players make their way out onto McLean Park together. Warriors cultural ambassador Wairangi Koopu welcomes captains Tohu Harris and Adam Reynolds.


Kick-off is getting closer! Both sides are still out on McLean Park for their final warm-ups.


Good evening! Napier has turned out in force to welcome the Warriors tonight.

About half an hour to go until kick-off, so stay tuned!


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of this NRL round 13 clash between NZ Warriors and Brisbane Broncos, from Napier's McLean Park.

Refreshed after spending the last week on a bye, the Warriors return to action as they continue their charge towards the NRL's top eight.

In a timely boost for the Warriors, their return from the bye also coincides with the NRL's State of Origin period - meaning rival clubs lose their best players to representative football.

This week, they'll face off against a Broncos side missing stars Payne Haas, Patrick Carrigan, Selwyn Cobbo, Thomas Flegler and former Warriors fullback Reece Walsh, all on duty with Queensland.

In exciting news for the Kiwi club, rookie playmaker Luke Metcalf will make his highly anticipated Warriors debut, named at five-eighth to partner Shaun Johnson in the halves.

However, the key duo of Wayde Egan and Dylan Walker are absent with injury, replaced by Freddy Lussick and Jackson Ford respectively.

Tonight's clash takes on special meaning for captain Tohu Harris, playing for the Warriors in front of a Hawke's Bay home crowd for the first time.

TAB odds: Warriors $1.42, Broncos $2.80


NZ Warriors: 1-Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad, 2-Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, 3-Rocco Berry, 4-Adam Pompey, 5-Marcelo Montoya, 6-Luke Metcalf, 7-Shaun Johnson, 8-Addin Fonua-Blake, 9-Freddy Lussick, 10-Bunty Afoa, 11-Jackson Ford, 12-Marata Niukore, 13-Tohu Harris (c)

Interchange: 14-Bayley Sironen, 15-Josh Curran, 16-Demitric Sifakula, 17-Tom Ale

Brisbane Broncos: 1-Tristan Sailor, 2-Jesse Arthars, 3-Kotoni Staggs, 4-Herbie Farnworth, 5-Denie Mariner, 6-Ezra Mam, 7-Adam Reynolds (c), 8-Keenan Palasia, 9-Billy Walters, 10-Corey Jensen, 11-Kurt Capewell, 12-Jordan Riki, 13-Kobe Hetherington

Interchange: 14-Cory Paix, 15-Xavier Wilson, 16-Brendan Piakura, 17-Martin Tapau

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