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Waratahs 14 Chiefs 24

Waratahs - Gordon & Hooper tries; Donaldson 2 conversions

Chiefs - Gatland & Narawa 2 tries; McKenzie 3 conversions & penalty

Second half

40th minute - From the scrum, Ratima finds Stevenson, who kicks long. Waratahs break down the right, but they have knocked on yet again.

The final siren sounds, Ratima feeds the scrum and Nanai-Seturo kicks to touch to preserve the Chiefs' unbeaten record in 2023.

39th minute - Waratahs win the lineout and swarm to the 22, but lose the ball again.

38th minute - Ratima puts the ball out on the full from halfway, so Waratahs have a lineout. Chiefs are offside, so Donaldson kicks to the 22.

35th minute - TRY to Narawa

Norris rumbles over the 22 and finds Taukei'aho. Stevenson kicks behind the defence and Narawa rolls over to score in the corner with no defenders around him.

McKenzie slots his conversion from the sideline, CHI 24-14

34th minute - Retallick is immense at the lineout and Chiefs maul to the 22. They release right, where Nanai-Seturo reaches the 22.

33rd minute - Chiefs turn the ball over and Stevenson kicks ahead. Walton is under pressure and the Waratahs are scrambling inside their own 22.

Donaldson clears towards the 10.

32nd minute - Chiefs win a free-kick from the scrum. Stevenson has the big boot and kicks into Waratahs half, but not into touch.

Nadolo charges back over halfway.

31st minute - Nadolo bursts around the lineout and Chiefs are under the pump, as Waratahs go right. Bad hands let them down, Chiefs try to run from their own line and Narawa is driven back in a tackle.

Way brings them back for the Chiefs scrum.

30th minute - Donaldson kicks to the corner, where they had success last time, but he only reaches the 22.

29th minute - Retallick wins the lineout and McKenzie pumps a high kick. Waratahs gather and shift right, winning penalty advantage on halfway.

Way wants a word with Cane.

28th minute - Waratahs win a lineout and go left to the Chiefs 22, where Retallick wins a penalty at the ruck.

27th minute - From the scrum, Perese shows footwork in midfield and Way brings them back for a penalty. Nankivell cops a head-on-head contact.

25th minute - Waratahs steal the lineout off the Chiefs and swarm into the Chiefs half. Nankivell is pinged for knockon at the breakdown.

24th minute - Nawaqanitawase fields a high kick in his own half and breaks down the right touchline. He finds support from Dowling, Gordon threatens to score a second try, but the move breaks down with another handling error.

Chiefs win a scrum penalty and kick deep down the middle of the park.

23rd minute - Waratahs control the kickoff and Gordon box-kicks to Stevenson, who offloads to Narawa.

21st minute - TRY to Hooper

Waratahs win the lineout and maul to the line, where Hooper jogs away with a try awarded. Donaldson bends his conversion through, CHI 17-14

20th minute - Hanigan bursts over halfway and Waratahs have a penalty on the Chiefs 10, with Naraway taking a player off the ball. Donaldson kicks to the corner.

19th minute - Chiefs midfield scrum on their 22 and Weber clears to Poihipi, before McKenzie drills downfield.

18th minute - Donaldson kicks to touch near the Chiefs 22, but the throw is crooked to the lineout.

16th minute - From a midfield scrum, Waratahs go right, but Walton is smashed by McKenzie on halfway. Chiefs are penalised at the breakdown.

13th minute - TRY to Narawa

Chiefs have penalty advantage, but Nanai-Seturo threatens out left and McKenzie is crunched in midfield. Taukei'aho is pulled down shot, but Nankivell finds Narawa inside him, running on an angle to score.

McKenzie converts, CHI 17-7

12th minute - Clayton McMillan has seen enough and injects Stevenson into the game, with McKenzie shifting to first-five, and Taukei'aho replaces Slater at hooker.

Big scrum from the Chiefs, but Waratahs clear to their 10.

From the lineout, Chiefs shift right, with Poihipi making metres in midfield and Narawa at the end of the move.

11th minute - Gatland finds touch towards the Waratahs 22. Sowakula wins the lineout and Narawa enters the 22.

Chiefs shift left and Nanai-Seturo's turn to drop the ball.

10th minute - Way awards a scrum free-kick to Chiefs, but they want another scrum. Futility piled on futility.

They win a penalty this time...

Ninth minute - Weber has the scrum feed, because the first knock on was Waratahs'.

Eighth minute - Ah Kuoi steals a Waratahs lineout throw and Weber kicks high. Chiefs regather it near halfway, but Ah Kuoi undoes his good work with a dropped pass.

Seventh minute - From the kickoff, Gatland clears outside his 22.

Sixth minute - McKenzie lines up a kick at goal, because it seems the only way anyone will score without dropping the ball. He slots it from about 45 metres, CHI 10-7

Fifth minute - From the scrum, Weber finds Pohipi, Gatland kicks high and is caught in a late tackle for a penalty.

Fourth minute - Donaldson guilty of a knockon, so Chiefs scrum on halfway... so many errors.

Third minute - Weber puts in a box kick and finds touch on the full, so Waratahs lineout on halfway.

Second minute - Donaldson clears to halfway. Chiefs win the lineout and shift right, where McKenzie is hit in a tackle.

First minute - Gatland to kick off for the Chiefs. McDowell catches, Waratahs try to run out of their 22, but they bobble and Chiefs steal the ball. Knockon from Retallick.


40th minute - Sowakula wins the lineout and Poihipi busts in midfield, but Johnson-Holmes is over the breakdown to win the turnover, as the siren sounds for halftime.

39th minute - Big scrum coming up and Waratahs hold. Gordon clears to Dowling, who kicks to the 22.

38th minute - From the scrum, Narawa runs a close passage and goes close. Ryan is driven back under the posts, then Retallick, before the Chiefs knock on and Waratahs have a scrum on their own line.

37th minute - Chiefs lose ground, but Retallick drives towards the posts. Waratahs intercept a pass, but Way is playing advantage and gives the Waratahs a warning beside their posts.

Retallick taps and the ball is thrown to Sowakula, who is pulled down short. They continue right, Hooper rakes the ball back, but Weber is through on him and is given a try.

Reviews show Hooper landed on the loose ball and grounded first, but it's a knockon, so Chiefs scrum.

36th minute - Gatland kicks to the corner. Chiefs win the lineout and maul to the line.

35th minute - Better scrum from the Chiefs and they win a penalty advantage. They shift left and McKenzie's offload is deemed forward, so back to the penalty.

34th minute - Chiefs have a scrum on the Waratahs 22, but the scrums haven't gone that well for them.

33rd minute - McKenzie kicks to the 22 and it's called a 50-22. Chief throw, but Hooper knocks on, trying to disrupt the throw.

32nd minute - From the scrum, Weber's pass is deflected, but Gatland kicks into the 22. Nawaqanitawase clears to halfway.

31st minute - Poihipi is scragged in a midfield tackle and the ball bobbles loose. Nawaqanitawase hacks the ball out, but Waratahs steal the throw... Walton spills the ball.

30th minute - Great scrum from the Waratahs, but Chiefs shift right.

29th minute - Waratahs win the lineout and move the ball left, then right, but Perese kicks dead for a Chiefs scrum near halfway.

28th minute - Waratahs win another scrum penalty in midfield and Donaldson finds touch near the Chiefs 10.

27th minute - Finau dances through a gap and Chiefs cross the Waratahs 10, but Selby-Rickit is held up in a maul and turns the ball over.

26th minute - Chiefs field the kickoff and Sowakula charges over halfway.

25th minute - McKenzie's kick drifts right of the posts.

24th minute - Chiefs slap the lineout back and Weber darts over halfway. Chiefs win a penalty and Finau wants to continue the conversation with Holloway.

McKenzie points to the posts from just inside halfway.

23rd minute - Wonky looking lineout throw from the Waratahs, but it's allowed. McKenzie flirts with a 50-22, but Dowling eventually finds touch on halfway.

22nd minute - Scrums are messy and Waratahs win a clearing penalty from a collapsed front tow. Donaldson kicks to halfway.

21st minute - Chiefs on attack in the 22, but Nankivell spills a pass from Weber.

20th minute - Chiefs win the scrum and go left to Nanai -Seturo, who does well to stay in play.

19th minute - From the kickoff, Donaldson gets a rushed clearance to touch and Chiefs take a quick lineout. They have knockon advantage and eventually come back for the scrum.

17th minute - TRY to Gordon

McKenzie takes a kick and counterattacks, but when the ball comes left, Gordon is lurking in the backline, and plucks Gatland's pass out of the air to run 40 metres and score.

Donaldson converts, 7-7

16th minute - Swinton wins the lineout and Waratahs maul over halfway. 

15th minute - Waratahs win a scrum penalty and can clear from here. Donaldson finds touch towards halfway.

14th minute - Gatland finds touch on the Waratahs 22, Retallick wins the lineout and the forwards rumble towards the posts. Slate carries a few metres, but the delivery is untidy and Chiefs lose the ball forward.

13th minute - Another dominant Chiefs scrum and Weber clears to Poihipi in midfield. Way is playing advantage and have Waratahs for offside.

11th minute - From the scrum, Waratahs go left, then right, but Swinton drops the ball. Messy stuff from both sides.

10th minute - From the scrum, Chiefs shift left, where they find Nanai-Seturo with a long pass. McKenzie throws a loose pass and Gatland throws forward to his outsides - Waratahs midfield scrum.

Ninth minute - An untidy passage of play ends, when Way brings them back for an Waratahs knockon on halfway.

Eighth minute - Waratahs clear the scrum and find McKenzie with a long kick.

Seventh minute - Chiefs win a lineout on the Waratahs 22, but they knock on in midfield.

Sixth minute - Retallick rises high to claim the kickoff and Pietsch takes him out in the air, earning a penalty. From the lineout, Sowakula and Finau run powerfully in midfield, and Chiefs win a penalty.

Third minute - TRY to Gatland

Gatland finds touch near the corner for an attacking lineout. Retallick wins the lineout and when the ball shifts right, Gatland dummies and powers over in a tackle.

McKenzie slots the conversion, CHI 7-0

Second minute - Chiefs monster the first scrum, but it's untidy. Chiefs shift left and Nanai-Seturo props infield, winning a penalty at the breakdown.

First minute - Jordan Way will officiate tonight and Donaldson kicks off for the Waratahs.

Weber kicks to the box and Donaldson bursts over halfway, but the Waratahs lose the ball forward in midfield.


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby Pacific clash between the Chiefs and Waratahs at Sydney's Allianz Stadium.

The Hamilton-based team have emerged as slightly surprising unbeaten competition leaders after four rounds, including victory over the six-time defending champions in their season-opener. 

Perhaps the biggest change this week will see Damian McKenzie wearing the No.15 jersey i nhis 100th Super Rugby game for the Chiefs, after beginning the season at first-five, where he's likely to play internationally beyond this year.

Coach Clayton McMillan is also dealing with a few injuries, notably All Blacks lock Tupou Vaa'i and midfielder Anton Lienert-Brown.

The Waratahs have been underwhelming this season, with one win from their four outings, but gave the Hurricanes a scare in the capital last week.

Join us at 9:30pm for kickoff.

TAB Odds: Chiefs $1.17, Waratahs $4.80, draw $26

Waratahs: 1-Te Tera Faulkner, 2-Dave Porecki, 3-Harry Johnson-Holmes, 4-Jed Holloway, 5-Ned Hanigan, 6-Lachlan Swinton, 7-Michael Hooper, 8-Will Harris, 9-Jake Gordon (C), 10-Ben Donaldson, 11-Dylan Pietsch, 12-Joey Walton, 13-Izaia Perese, 14-Mark Nawaqanitawase, 15-Ben Dowling

Reserves: 16-Tolu Latu, 17-Tom Lambert, 18-Daniel Botha, 19-Taleni Seu, 20-Zac Von Appen, 21-Harrison Goddard, 22-Harry Wilson, 23-Nemani Nadolo

Chiefs: 1-Aidan Ross, 2-Bradley Slater, 3-John Ryan, 4-Brodie Retallick, 5-Manaaki Selby-Rickit, 6-Samipeni Finau, 7-Sam Cane, 8-Pita Gus Sowakula, 9-Brad Weber, 10-Bryn Gatland, 11-Etene Nanai-Seturo, 12-Rameka Poihipi, 13-Alex Nankivell, 14-Emoni Narawa, 15-Damian McKenzie

Reserves: 16-Samisoni Taukei'aho, 17-Ollie Norris, 18-George Dyer, 19-Naitoa Ah Kuoi, 20-Kaylum Boshier, 21-Cortez Ratima, 22-Daniel Rona, 23-Shaun Stevenson

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