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Chiefs 44      Rebels 25


The siren has gone. Taukei'aho throws and Selby-Rickit wins it again.

They maul, but the Rebels bring it to ground and turn it over.

That's game - the Chiefs win but can't get that bonus point.

80 mins

Gatland finds the corner. The Chiefs need a try here for a bonus point.

Taukei'aho throws, Selby-Rickit wins it and they drive. They have advantage, and the penalty is blown. 

Gatland finds the corner again.

79 mins

Chiefs' scrum, Tahuriorangi feeds, and they go through the hands.

McKenzie is swamped, but wins advantage for his troubles.

Narawa throws an offload out the back, straight into touch, so we go back for the penalty.

78 mins

The Rebels knock-on from the kick-off, and the Chiefs have a scrum inside their 22.

Tahuriorangi feeds, and Nanai-Seturo crashes the line as first-receiver. 

The Chiefs go wide to the right, but the Rebels win a penalty and take the tap.

Rangi loses the ball, though.

75 mins - TRY REBELS

Taukei'aho throws and the Chiefs win it, but Eloff snatches it again.

The Rebels have the ball inside the Chiefs' half, but can't penetrate. 

Rangi does well to take the ball to the 22, and the Rebels have advantage.

Feliuai chips over the top, and Ioane races back to get there. He does, and is on the line, as Feliuai gets there to score!

The conversion is wayward.

CHI 44 REB 25

72 mins

Stevenson moves into flanker instead. The Chiefs win a penalty from the scrum reset.

Gatland clears into touch for a lineout.

72 mins

Slight delay, with McWhannell down hurt. They've got no more forwards on the bench, so Damian McKenzie comes on instead. 


71 mins

Rangi throws, and the ball ends up on the Rebels' side. 

Eloff carries the ball to the 22, but the Chiefs defend. The Rebels go wide to the left, but lose the ball to give the Chiefs advantage.

Gordon intercepts Tahuriorangi's pass, so we go back for the knock-on.

70 mins

The Rebels win their own lineout, but lose the ball forward to give the Chiefs another crack.

Eloff turns it over though, and ends any danger for the Rebels.

69 mins

Chiefs scrum. Tahuriorangi feeds, and goes right to Stevenson.

Stevenson kicks, but the ball dribbles into touch before he can regather it.

68 mins

The Chiefs knock-on, so the Rebels have a scrum. Tuttle feeds, 

The Chiefs win a free kick at the scrum though, so Gatland clears for a lineout.

Rangi throws, but it's called for not straight.

65 mins

Scrum penalty for the Rebels, so they take the lineout in the corner. Rangi throws, they win it and look to drive.

Tuttle goes to the backs, and finds Gordon, but he's tackled. Smith has a go, but he knocks on.

That'll be a Chiefs scrum on their own 5m line. 

62 mins

Chiefs lineout after the penalty. Taukei'aho throws, and Sowakula wins it. 

Advantage after Sowakula is tipped, before the Chiefs go wide to the right to Stevenson, and then back infield towards the 22.

Gatland chips over the top, and Stevenson is taken out out of possession, but no call from the ref?

The Rebels clear down to Nanai-Seturo, who finds touch but the Rebels go quickly. 

Ioane carries the ball into the Chiefs' half. Stevenson intercepts, but knocks on trying to clear the ball.

59 mins

The Rebels look to run it back, but Narawa turns the ball over for the Chiefs.

What a game he's having.

58 mins

Rebels scrum inside the Chiefs' 22. Tuttle feeds and they go right. 

They move the ball and get to the line. Wilkin picks and goes, but he's held up. 

That'll be a dropout.

57 mins

Penalty for the Rebels against Finau on Hardwick. The Rebels have to go to their lineout.

Replacement hooker Rangi to throw, and Wilkin wins it as the Rebels drive.

Tuttle runs off the back to take the ball up to the 5m line. The forwards pick and go as the Rebels look to go left, but the Chiefs' defence holds.

Advantage for the Rebels, before the penalty is called.

54 mins - TRY CHIEFS

Rebels lineout, Mafi throws and they win it. 

Hang on though, huge tackle from the Narawa on Louwrens and the Rebels lose it! Narawa kicks downfield, and the bounce is kind to give the Chiefs the ball in the 22!

They go wide, as Stevenson puts Nanai-Seturo in to score on the left corner!

Gatland to convert, but misses.

CHI 44 REB 20

51 mins

Hosea spills the kick-off into touch for a Chiefs lineout. Thompson throws and Finau wins it. 

Ross gives away a penalty, though, and the danger is over for the Rebels.

49 mins - TRY REBELS

Mafi throws, and Wilkin wins it as the Rebels get to the 5m line. 

They go wide to the left, where Gordon tips it on for Jooste, and he scores now! 

Gordon to convert from the left touchline, but he misses it to the left.

CHI 39 REB 20

48 mins

Both side trade kicks, before Stevenson goes to groud in Chiefs' territory.

Ross is penalised for a neck roll on Wilkin, so penalty to the Rebels.

Jooste finds touch for a lineout.

46 mins - TRY CHIEFS

Thompson throws, and the Chiefs attack again. Nankivell breaks down the right flank.

The ball comes loose as Jooste rips it clear, but the Rebels have no one at the back!

Stevenson pops up and grounds it! The TMO wants a look, but there's nothing wrong with this! 

Try awarded! 

Gatland to convert on the right, but can't get this one on target.

CHI 39 REB 15

44 mins

Ratima does well to hold onto the ball from the kick-off, before Gatland kicks it back.

Gordon gets across, but clears straight into touch. Chiefs lineout on the 10m line.

43 mins - TRY CHIEFS

Mafi knocks on from the kick-off, and the Cheifs have a great chance already.

Ratima feeds, the Chiefs go to their left. Stevenson and Nanai-Seturo combine on the wing, but the Rebels get across to cover.

The Chiefs' forwards take it to the 5m line, and pick and go right to the tryline! Thompson picks and goes - and he's over now!

Gatland converts from right in front.

CHI 34 REB 15

41 mins

We're all good to go for the second half, the Chiefs are unchanged after the break. 

Gatland kicks off to start the second 40.


Rebels kick off again, and Stevenson clears into touch. 

Mafi throws again, and this time the Rebels break as Gordon puts Anderson into a gap! 

Anderson draws in the last defender, before he finds Ili, who just makes it to the posts before grounding the ball!

Gordon converts as the siren goes.

CHI 27 REB 15

38 mins - TRY CHIEFS

The Rebels restart, before Gatland clears into touch for a lineout in the Chiefs' half.

Mafi throws, but the Chiefs snatch it. They go wide to Nankivell, who kicks through the line, and the Rebels don't have the numbers at the back!

Stevenson and Nanai-Seturo chase after it, with Ioane trying to mop up for the Rebels. Stevenson gets there first, and kicks as the ball sits up for him to score another! 

Gatland to convert, this time from the left, and he does just that!

CHI 27 REB 8

34 mins - TRY CHIEFS

The Rebels have the ball inside their half after the restart. Louwrens box kicks straight to Gatland, who finds Nanai-Seturo on the left.

The Chiefs go back to the right, as Narawa finds Poihipi.

Poihipi runs and chips over the top, and the bounce is perfect for Narawa! He races down the right touchline, and dives over in the corner!

Has he stayed in though? The try's been awarded.

Gatland to kick, and brings the ball back through the posts.

CHI 20 REB 8


Thomson throws over the top, and Gatland runs. The Chiefs are through as Ah Kuoi takes the ball to the 5m line.

The Chiefs have advantage, but Gordon turns it over so we go back for the penalty.

This time Gatland wants the shot at goal, and he nails it.

CHI 13 REB 3

31 mins

Gatland kicks it dead though, and the Chiefs won't have a lineout in the corner.

Rebels scrum. Louwrens feeds, and goes to Ili at first receiver. Hardwick has a run, but gives away a penalty for playing the ball on the ground.

Gatland does find the touchline this time.

29 mins

Rebels scrum. Louwrens feeds. 

Huge shove from the front row though, and the Chiefs win a penalty! Aidan Ross, take a bow.

28 mins

Rebels lineout. Mafi throws, but Selby-Rickit gets up to disrupt. 

Jacobson snaps it up, but it's called for a knock-on after Selby-Rickit's touch.

Rebels scrum.

27 mins

Scrum in the Chiefs' half. Ratima feeds. Huge shove, and the Chiefs win advantage.

Gatland and Ratima wrap, before Nankivell is put into a gap! The Rebels get back in defence, and Anderson turns it over! 

Try saving tackle and turnover for the Rebels there.

26 mins

Louwrens feeds again, and goes to Gordon off the back. 

The Rebels look to go through the hands, but Anderson knocks on this time.

25 mins

Louwrens feeds, and the Rebels go off the back. 

Sowakula tries to turn the ball over at the breakdown, but knocks on.

Another scrum.

24 mins

Bad news for the Rebels, Hodge has left the field injured. Good news for the Rebels, the Chiefs knock-on from the kick-off.

That'll be another scrum.

23 mins - TRY CHIEFS

Ratima feeds, and Sowakula runs off the back. Ah Kuoi carries inside the Rebels' 22.

Ratima runs, but he loses the ball in the tackle. What can the Rebels do so deep in their own territory?

They go back to Gordon, who clears. Narawa picks it up and runs, and breaks the line on the right! 

He gets the offload away to Poihipi inside him - and he scores! The Chiefs get their first try from nowhere!

Gatland to convert, and does! The Chiefs take the lead for the first time.

CHI 10 REB 8

20 mins

Thomson throws, Ah Kuoi wins it, and the Chiefs attack.

Sowakula does well, but the Chiefs lose the ball. Gordon kicks down to Stevenson, who kicks back - and it's knocked on by Jooste.

Chiefs scrum.

19 mins

The Rebels kick off again, and the Chiefs have lost it! Huge chance for the Rebels!

They go wide as Gordon attacks down the Rebels' right - but Stevenson gets across and forces him into touch to save a try!

They take the lineout quickly, and Ratima's kick catches the Rebels out at the back!

Jooste gets there, and clears into touch for a Chiefs lineout.


The Chiefs want the points as Gatland points to the posts. About 40m out, but Gatland hits it low and straight - and it's over.


16 mins

Louwrens feeds, and goes to the backs as Ili runs from first receiver.

Gordon clears, straight to Nanai-Seturo, who trades passes with Stevenson. The Chiefs are in the Rebels' half here. 

Sowakula hits the line, before Gibbon is called for offside. Chiefs penalty.

14 mins

Huge chance for the Chiefs. Thompson throws, but Sowakula knocks it on.

The Rebels knock it on in response, so that'll be a scrum.

14 mins

Gatland kicks off again, as the Rebels use the ball in their half. Gordon clears to Nanai-Seturo, as Stevenson has a go.

Anderson looks to have stolen the ball, but he's penalised for incorrect entry.

Gatland clears, and the Chiefs have a lineout in the corner.

12 mins - TRY REBELS

Mafi throws, and it ends up on the Chiefs' side, but Gibbon pops up to snatch the ball.

Big chance for the Rebels here! Hodge does well to take the ball to the 5m line. Huge numbers away to the left!

Gordon throws a cutout pass to Wilkin, who runs to the line before going left to Mafi, who runs in for the first try of the day!

Hodge to convert, but he pushes it to the right of the posts.


10 mins

Chiefs' scrum. Ratima feeds and Sowakula runs off the back. Nankivell and Nanai-Seturo combine on the left as the Cheifs go into the Rebels' half.

They go right, but lose it forward to give the Rebels a crack with the ball in their half. 

Ryan gives away a penalty at the ruck, that'll be a Rebels lineout.

9 mins

Mafi throws, Hosea wins it on the 22. What can the Rebels do?

They lose it. Jacobson does well to force a knock-on against Wilkin.

7 mins

Gatland kicks off, Hosea wins it and the Rebels break down the left.

Ross gives away a penalty for not releasing, this one just inside the Chiefs' half, and this time the Rebels want the lineout.


They do want the shot at goal. Reece Hodge and his massive boot lines up the shot from 36m out, and he makes no mistake!


5 mins

Thomson throws, Ah Kuoi wins it and Gatland kicks it into the Rebels' half. 

The Rebels clear straight back to Stevenson. The Chiefs look to run, but Wilkinson turns it over as Nanai-Seturo doesn't release.

Do the Rebels want the points?

4 mins

First scrum of the day, inside the Rebels' half. Louwrens feeds. The Rebels go left and up towards halfway.

Gordon goes to the air, but Nanai-Seturo takes it calmly. He kicks along the ground to Louwrens, who's tackled into touch for a Chiefs lineout.

3 mins

Thomson throws, and the Chiefs win the lineout. Gatland kicks downfield, and there's a bit of a scramble before the Rebels bring it under control.

Louwrens clears with a box kick, straight to Stevenson. The Chiefs have the ball inside the Rebels' half, but Ah Kuoi knocks on.

Rebels scrum.

1 min

Narawa takes the kick, and stays in touch as the Chiefs have first use.

Gatland clears downfield, straight to Jooste, who looks for the up and under.

Ioane tries to get up and take it, but can't control the ball as it goes out for a Chiefs lineout.


The Rebels will get us started, and Gordon kicks off!


And the Rebels make their way out of the sheds, kick off not far away!


The Chiefs run out onto FMG, plenty of fanfare from their home support!


The Chiefs, this week led by Luke Jacobson, make their way to the sheds after their warm-up.


Good afternoon! How good is day time footy? Hamilton has turned on a stunner, with the locals out in force to see the competition leaders look to go four from four.

Kick off is around 35 minutes away, so stay tuned!


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby Pacific clash between the Chiefs and Melbourne Rebels at Hamilton's FMG Stadium.

Probably not many would have predicted that the Hamilton side would enter Round Four of this year's competition as the only unbeaten NZ team, with last year's finalists - the Crusaders and Blues - both suffering early setbacks to their campaigns.

One of those defeats to the six-time defending champions came at the hands of the Chiefs in their season-opener, so the upstarts have been good for their record so far.

The Rebels languish near the bottom of the table with just one win over the Waratahs last week, but they gave the Hurricanes all they could handle the week before that.

Chiefs coach Clayton McMillan has taken the opportunity to rest or relegate several of his leading players, with co-captains Sam Cane and Brad Weber not in the playing squad, and hooker Samisoni Taukei'aho coming off the bench.

The All Blacks load management requirements were not kind to the Crusaders at Lautoka last week, so the Chiefs depth will be tested.

Join us at 4:30pm for kickoff.

Chiefs: 1-Aidan Ross, 2-Tyrone Thompson, 3-John Ryan, 4-Naitoa Ah Kuoi, 5-Manaaki Selby-Rickit, 6-Samipeni Finau, 7-Luke Jacobson, 8-Pita Gus Sowakula, 9-Cortez Ratima, 10-Bryn Gatland, 11-Etene Nanai-Seturo, 12-Rameka Poihipi, 13-Alex Nankivell, 14- Emoni Narawa, 15-Shaun Stevenson

Reserves: 16-Samisoni Taukei'aho, 17-Ollie Norris, 18-George Dyer, 19-Laghlan McWhannell, 20-Kaylum Boshier, 21-Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi, 22-Josh Ioane, 23-Peniasi Malimali

Rebels: 1-Matt Gibbon, 2-Alex Mafi, 3-Sam Talakai , 4-Tuaina Taii Tualima, 5-Trevor Hosea, 6-Josh Kemeny, 7-Brad Wilkin, 8-Richard Hardwick, 9-Ryan Louwrens, 10-Carter Gordon, 11-Monty Ioane , 12-Stacey Ili, 13-Reece Hodge, 14-Lachie Anderson, 15-Nick Jooste 

Reserves: 16- Anaru Rangi, 17-Cabous Eloff, 18-Pone Fa’amausili, 19-Vaiolini Ekuasi, 20-Angelo Smith, 21-James Tuttle, 22-David Feliuai, 23-Lukas Ripley

TAB Odds: Chiefs $1.13, Rebels $5.50, Draw $26


Chiefs flyer Stevenson tipped for All Blacks call-up after stellar Super Rugby start

Alex Powell

Chiefs flyer Shaun Stevenson is doing everything possible to put himself in the frame for All Blacks selection this year.

In a blistering start to 2023 that sees the Chiefs top of the table after the first three rounds of Super Rugby Pacific, Stevenson is arguably the competition's form player.

hat-trick against Moana Pasifika at Melbourne last week was followed by a double against the Highlanders, as part of the Chiefs' perfect start to the season.

Stevenson, 26, has already notched 70 appearances for the Chiefs, since his debut in 2016, and also featured for Māori All Blacks and All Blacks XV on last year's northern tour.

Capable of playing anywhere in the back three, Stevenson also turned down an approach from NRL supercoach Wayne Bennett, who sounded him out to join Redcliffe Dolphins in a cross-code switch.

After his decision to stay put in the 15-man code, higher honours could be on the way, according to his Super Rugby coach. 

With the Rugby World Cup beginning in September, the clock is ticking for the selectors to finalise what the All Blacks squad will look like.

The back three currently appear to be the least certain department for the All Blacks, with several players putting their hands up.

Jordie Barrett's move from fullback into midfield and Damian McKenzie starting the season in the No.10 jersey could open the door for new blood into the test side, with Chiefs coach Clayton McMillan suggesting Stevenson should be on the radar of All Blacks coach Ian Foster.

"Everybody's got an opportunity this year to put their best foot forward," said McMillan. 

"I don't think the World Cup squad is set in stone. Anyone who plays consistently well puts themself in the shop window.

"You'd have to say that he's doing a lot of good things that must be raising the eyebrows of Fozzie and his crew."

For now, Stevenson's importance to the Chiefs shouldn't be underestimated. After the first three rounds of the competition, he has scored a third (5/15) of their tries.

If the Chiefs are to end a title droughts that dates back to 2013, McMillan knows how important Stevenson will be to that cause.

"He scores all the tries, he's been going well," McMillan said. "It's been well documented, he's had a fantastic last 6-7 months.

"His confidence is high, we're seeing him get involved in a lot. His finishing has been second to none - long may that continue."

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