Stars coach Kiri Wills is urging Netball New Zealand to rethink the ticketing policy after some Stars fans missed out on securing tickets for the ANZ Premiership grand final.

The final between Auckland sides the Mystics and the Stars is being held at a neutral venue of Globox Arena in Hamilton on Sunday.

The venue for the grand final was decided before the start of the season and may have been favoured by Netball New Zealand as a bit of payback for the Waikato after the Silver Ferns games against Jamaica at the same venue did not go ahead last year.

The Mystics locked in their grand final berth weeks ago while the Stars only claimed their place by winning a close elimination final against the Pulse on Sunday.

Wills says a large number of supporters of the South Auckland based franchise were planning to travel down the motorway to watch the side play in their third grand final but they were "struggling" to get seats.

"I would like to see in future that tickets don't go on sale until both finalists are finalised because we've got people who can't get tickets at the moment and in a venue that big you would expect most of your fans to be there."

Wills said the arena suited the team but it was unfortunate for the fans.

"We don't mind the neutral venue but I do think both sets of fans need equal opportunity for tickets."

The players' close family and Stars members got some priority tickets but others have missed out.

"Those people who have stuck with us the whole way they'll be there so we will celebrate them on Sunday night."

The Mystics who played their last grand final in 2021 in front of a record domestic crowd of 5000 people at Spark Arena also believe a number of their fans will be making the trip south this weekend.

Mystics assistant coach Rob Wright said if it was going to be anywhere at least Hamilton is the closest for both sides.

"I think there will be a massive contingent of fans from both sides.

"How great would it have been to be in Auckland with two Auckland sides but Hamilton is probably the next best bet."

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