Kiwi runner Jake Robertson feels he has been unfairly implicated in the actions of twin brother Zane, who was handed an eight-year ban for doping earlier this week.

On Tuesday, it was revealed 33-year-old Zane Robertson had tested positive for Erythropoietin (EPO), and provided false documents in his defence.

Both actions resulted in separate four year suspensions, accumulating to an eight year ban from competition. 

On Friday (NZ time) twin brother Jake took to Instagram to vent, due to the association with Zane and the ramifications on his own reputation in the wake of his brother's ban.

"The actions of my brother have unfortunately caused myself and my immediate family a great amount of anguish and financial loss," he wrote.

"All of which is even more frustrating, and infuriating, due to the fact that I am not at fault and I have not been involved in any shape or form [with] those actions of my twin brother.

"It seems that people have lumped me together with my brother, as if we were physically joined at the hip, but being a twin doesn't mean that we automatically think or do the same things. 

"Am I angry and upset with my brother? Absolutely. Am I pissed that I've been dragged into this, in a sense? Yes. I am pissed off. 

"But anger won't help me and it's already taken me some days to try to put my feelings down on paper.

"I am still paying the price of my brother's mistake here & receiving a lot of hate and abuse online because of it."

Jake continued to write of his gratitude towards the help coming his brother's way, notably from New Zealand's major sporting associations. 

"I appreciate that Athletics NZ and HPSNZ stated that they would continue to help Zane psychologically and emotionally through this difficult time. 

"His wellbeing and health is still of the upmost (sic) importance. I can't help feel disappointed though as I have been a victim of the fallout from this situation as I have lost out of a pending sponsorship contract because of it." 

Jake Robertson lives in Kenya with his young family, after the brothers relocated from New Zealand as teenagers in order to train. 

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