Blues coach Leon MacDonald hopes he could remain with the Super Rugby franchise, should he become new All Blacks coach Scott Robertson's deputy.

MacDonald has endorsed the appointment of Robertson and says he's spoken to him in the past few days.

He wouldn't confirm if he's officially been offered a role on Robertson's staff, although he has made no secret of the fact he is keen on the job.

"Everyone aspires, if you are in the rugby game in New Zealand (to be part of the All Blacks) and I am definitely no different," he said.

"This (coaching the Blues) is good as well but the 'black jersey is the black jersey' and if you have grown up watching rugby in New Zealand as a kid it's the pinnacle and it's pretty special."

MacDonald has also been touted as a possible contender for the vacant Scotland head coaching role but denies it's a case of weighing up and assistant's job versus a head coaching role.

"You've coaxed too much out of me already," he joked to media at a Blues training session.

"In a week or two once the dust as settled it will me much easier to have a conversation, insteand of trying to avoid saying something that is going to become a headline."

He is pleased though that the "soap opera" of the appointment process around Robertson is over.

"Now that it is done, it's bloody good! I feel that now we can just get on and support the All Blacks wholeheartedly in the World Cup and that's pretty good with the soap opera now done and dusted and we can look forward to seeing the All Blacks play in France and get the job done."


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