Business Competition for Women-Led Startups Focusing on VR and AI

Business plan competitions are a staple of American universities, and private corporations donate significant funds each year to reward the winning teams. Unfortunately, though, these competitions are skewed heavily towards male-led teams, often leaving women-led teams out of the mix. To fix that imbalance, a new sort of business plan competition has arisen in the past few years.

On February 15, 2017, Google…

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Is London’s Silicon Roundabout Over?

Many cities have tried and failed to emulate the start-up friendly community of Silicon Valley. London would seem like a natural center for start-up companies, but establishing the so-called “Silicon Roundabout” has proven more difficult than expected.

Forbes reports that London’s tech district has seen an 80 percent decline in new businesses in the last three years. The main culprit is…

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Keep Startup Costs Down by Using Simulation

Some industries stagnate because development costs are high. This is true for the aerodynamics and transportation industries. Here is the scenario: If only established corporations can afford to develop new technologies, a large swath of competitive potential is paralyzed. This paralysis limits innovation and customer options. When it comes to air transportation, the high cost of production trickles down to the consumer. Such was the…

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Startups in the Marketing Space

It has always been a bit challenging to fit startup companies into the marketing landscape. Most lack the budgets necessary for traditional marketing campaigns, and in recent years many have succeeded through guerrilla marketing tactics. Today, though, startup companies provide innovative marketing solutions of their own.

A recent article recommends that businesses look to startups for marketing expertise and profiles…

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Welcome to the Jungle/Jukebox Group: A Recruitment Startup with Style

“Welcome to the Jungle” is a new media startup that wants to revitalize the recruitment sector. After an initial investment of more than $2 million, Welcome to the Jungle plans to launch in a variety of different industries.


The startup began by assessing the multitude of startups within Paris in order to see what they do, what the…

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Idea Platforms: Collaboration or Echo Chamber?

Through a combination of crowd-sourcing and algorithms, London-based start-up Idea Drop offers organizations an idea management tool that promises to deliver high quality ideas to an organization’s decision makers. Co-founder Owen Hunnam explained the platform to TechCrunch, where it is described as leveraging “modern UX and native iOS and Android apps…underpinned by a ranking algorithm that scores every idea in real-time based on…

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EquipmentShare Reveals Incredible Construction Business Concept

EquipmentShare is emerging as one of the more intriguing startups to land on the services market in years. EquipmentShare borrows heavily from the concept of AirBNB, but to a much grander commercial scale. The focus of EquipmentShare is not on booking alternatives to hotels or taxis. The idea here is to rent out equipment to the construction and contracting industry.


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Hull Consolidates Marketing Data

The usefulness of SaaS platforms is in their à la carte delivery. Small firms and businesses choose the services they need and have the ability to scale up or down as the need arises. Larger organizations can invest in several different platforms. However, there is a downside to all of this flexibility. Information and data becomes siloed in one area or department making collaborative departments,…

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics: One Of Most Successful California Start-Ups

The term “start-up” is a buzz word that is bandied about, and yet, many people still aren’t sure about its meaning.


We researched to find the appropriate answer and discovered that a start-up is a company that has been designed to grow rapidly. Geography will not make a difference to a start-up, like a new restaurant, whose…

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The Rise of Startup Businesses

There is an estimated 27 million people in the United States starting their journey as entrepreneurs. This equates to about 14 percent of the population all choosing to leave the corporate world to do what they love and get paid for it. Unfortunately, more than three-quarters of these individuals will have failed businesses within their first year. Business loans are not often given to new…

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