CEO Michael Lynton Jumps from Sony to Snap

Michael Lynton is moving from his CEO position at Sony Entertainment in order attend to the CEO duties at Snap full-time. Snap is the parent to Snapchat, a well-publicized image and message mobile app. The U.S. company recently made news by announcing the United Kingdom would be the location of its headquarters. Now, Snap has garnered headlines in the entertainment media by procuring the talents of a popular and talented chief executive.


Lynton was an early investor in the startup. For all intents and purposes, he has been the chairman of the company for about a year. He had been named to the position some time ago, but never left his position at Sony Entertainment. All that is about to change. Snap’s board surely feels it needs the complete attention of Lynton in order to be a global success story.


Startup businesses must climb a host of hurdles in order to be successful. This is true even when the startup is presenting something completely new to the consumer marketplace. Snapchat is not exactly the first and only messenger in the world. So many other popular messengers have millions of loyal users. Can Snapchat lead these users to make a switch?


Snap/Snapchat is poised to make a big move in the business world this year. The desire is to take the enterprise public. Doing so is reliant on proving something very basic to investors. Investors must be confident their funds will reap better returns than they would gain elsewhere.


Snapchat could very well draw in both users, investors, advertisers, and more. The right business plan and company mission must be put into effect for these results to be achievable. Hiring the right CEO who has the vision and professional acumen to carry out these goals to winning conclusion is critical to the company’s fortunes.