Kate Hudson’s Fabletics: One Of Most Successful California Start-Ups

The term “start-up” is a buzz word that is bandied about, and yet, many people still aren’t sure about its meaning.


We researched Forbes.com to find the appropriate answer and discovered that a start-up is a company that has been designed to grow rapidly. Geography will not make a difference to a start-up, like a new restaurant, whose business would rely on a specific location.


The fashionable work-out clothing brand, Fabletics, is a fine example of a true California start-up that has continued to soar across e-commerce. Maybe it’s the star power associated with the online subscription retailer that has contributed to its power and popularity.


Actress Kate Hudson is one of Fabletics’ three founders; the other two happen to be e-commerce branding experts Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


Kate Hudson lives the lifestyle that the active wear brand has based its philosophy on. When not strolling the Hollywood red carpet, she is a single mother of two, active young boys. Kate Hudson wants women to keep moving and adopting some kind of exercise program that works for them. The Fabletics mantra is “Live your passion.”


Kate Hudson also believes that women’s athleisure wear should be on-trend, colorful with great fit and function and wearable 24/7. Her line is affordable and works as a subscription model, where women become Fabletics VIP members and receive personalized service with super value and special savings.


The start-up has delivered incredible results, with Fabletics becoming a $250 million business in three years. In addition, Fabletics is planning to corner the brick and mortar market. According to Racked.com, the company plans to branch out the “old-fashioned way” of shopping with new stores popping up across the nation. Fabletics will build up to 100 new brick and mortar stores within the next five years.