Norman Pattiz Announces The Premiere Of A New Podcast

PodcastOne Founder and Executive Chairman, Norman Pattiz, announced the largest podcast network in the US that is advertiser supported. This show is the newest on the podcast network owned by Chris Jericho, a WWE star, which will be under PodcastOne umbrella. It is expected to feature entertaining and enlightening conversations with renowned experiencers and researchers, aimed at challenging all that you think you understand about ghouls, angels, ghosts, aliens, demons, mysteries and miracles, and monster encounters. Dave Schrader, a radio host and author, and Tim Dennis, a radio host, and producer, will host the show. New episodes shall be released on Mondays on PodcastOne app,, and iTunes.


Norman Pattiz praised Chris as having distinguished himself as one of PodcastOne Network’s jewels. He added that when Chris launched The Jericho Network, they knew that it would offer more than just wrestling. The Network has gone further to deliver comedians, and it’s now ready to take viewers into the paranormal, Beyond the Darkness.


While announcing the addition of Beyond the Darkness to the Jericho Network, Chris Jericho said that he was stoked and a bit crept out. Chris added that the hosts Tim and Dave, are well above par in paranormal broadcasting, and they will be able to amass a huge fan base that believes and trusts in them as well as their subject matter. He expects Beyond the Darkness to increase their already huge audience on Jericho Network while at the same time, scaring the pants out of them. Chris considers this to be the dream of the podcast network or its “nightmare!”


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz, founded the Westwood One, and under his watch, it grew to be America’s biggest radio network providing sports, entertainment, news, talk, and traffic. Westwood One managed, owned or distributed CBS News, NBC radio networks, NFL Football, CNN Radio, the Mutual Broadcasting System, Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball, and both Summer and Winter Olympics. In 2010, Pattiz founded the Courtside Entertainment Group and recently, he introduced the PodcastOne and the PodcastOne sales, which is a leader in podcast sales and marketing nationally.


In addition to Pattiz broadcasting background, he serves as a University of California’s Regent, and as the Chairman of Los Alamos National Security Labs and the Lawrence Livermore. He is also a member of Pacific Council on Global Relations and Council of Foreign Relations. In 2009, Pattiz got inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame where he was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting from Library of American Broadcasting.

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