Project Entrepreneur: Helping Women to Move Forward with Their Careers

In the world of start-ups, sometimes women can have a harder time getting off to a good start. After all, many of the venture capitalists taking meetings are accustomed to seeing people who look more like them. If you’re not a Caucasian man, it can be difficult to get the attention of the right people. And, in the world of start-ups, great buzz certainly counts for a lot. This is why the group Project Entrepreneur has been so instrumental in giving female entrepreneurs the tools they need to move forward with their business ideas. After all, it doesn’t matter how wonderful your idea is; if it’s not packaged well and you can’t meet the right people to sell it to, it will be dead on arrival.


Recently, Project Entrepreneur held a summit at Creative Artists Agency is Century City, and the goal of the day was to provide attendees with the resources to follow their dreams. The event was completely free, and each woman who attended received a tote bag, a notebook a t-shirt and all the food and drink she could manage. However, the most important gifts were the ones that were being shared onstage. With guests like Jennifer Hyman—the founder of Rent the Runway—women who attended this event were truly able to soak up some sensational information. After a keynote speech, they broke into smaller groups to discuss influencers and other topics that are helpful to the budding entrepreneur.


Start-up impresarios at the event were at all different levels of the process; some were just formulating a new idea, while others were further along with their strategies. One of the best parts of the event was that, if someone were ready, she could submit her ideas to the brain trust of the group and receive real assistance.