Tech Fair LA Highlights Region’s Tech Economy

While Hollywood’s eyes gazed at the past in the award-winning film La La Land, on January 26, 2017, Los Angeles is moving beyond the entertainment industry and looking at other areas of economic growth. Los Angeles-based Mark Suster, a venture investor, has lauded LA for being one of the US’ top start-up markets. The tech startups in the region cut across many industries with some consumer facing startups like Dollar Shave Club and Tinder earning national attention as well as high-tech transportation company Hyperloop One and Space X.


Tech startups thrive in supportive environments and LA’s healthy tech industry is testament to the city’s commitment to startups and innovation. LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and entrepreneur Jason Nazer envisioned a tech job fair where locals could display their skills and expertise and LA-based start-ups could easily hire qualified local talent. Of course, the economic benefit to the city of LA’s coffers is also notable.


This boom did not happen overnight. Although over 150 tech start-ups exist in the LA region, it took a decade of perseverance to make tech gains in the area. Thanks to innovation and creativity, tech startups harnessed new technologies to adapt and refine existing industries. These companies survived recession and a collapsing housing market. Yet, with government support in the form of an entrepreneur-in-residence program that was started in 2014, young tech companies are finding even greater support from the city.


Tech Fair’s current entrepreneur-in-residence, Jason Nazar, created the event, and it is not a small event. Over 150 companies will be represented at the fair. The event is expected to become an annual tech community event of the year. The LA tech scene isn’t expected to slow down. E-commerce startups like Thrive Market and Honest Co. are predicted to become members of the next startup wave.