Martin Lustgarten’s Excellent Investment Banking Service

Investing is not for the faint of heart, and there are quite a few people who are unsure how they will begin investing their money. Money that is spent properly in the investment industry will return to the customer several times over. Martin has a great understanding of what the investment community expects of each customer, and he builds investments that are appropriate…

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Companies Can Be Hired To Protect Online Reputation

The online reputation a company has is critical to the success of that company going forward. If the reputation is great, then it is likely to enjoy increased sales and even more money because of word of mouth advertising. On the flip side of that coin, if a company has a poor reputation on the Internet will suffer as a result.

One of…

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Home Automation with Gooee Lighting

Getting a more automated home can be a lot easier than you might think and this is why it is imperative that you look for some of the best types of home automation options that happen to be out there. Gooee offers a variety of smart lighting home automation options that you will find incredibly beneficial for your house every time they are being used.…

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Martin Lustgarten on Basic Philanthropy

What is the point of philanthropy? A lot of people do it, but few delve into it excessively. After all, who wants to give up their hard earned cash to a charity that is probably staffed by cons? So goes the common idea. This misses the point.

When a person gives to charity, it teaches them to be wiser with what they have…

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Bona Fide Philanthropist Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a well-accomplished philanthropist and national chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also picked up on some roots from his father who was a real estate developer. Adam Milstein co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The main mission of the foundation is to strengthen Israel and keep its ties with the United States of America strong. Secondly they want…

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Borrowing Money with Equities First

There are a lot of people who need to borrow money just to get by. With the rising cost of rent and health coverage in the United Kingdom, leading companies are doing really well right now. One class of people that a lot of people do not think about when it comes to borrow money is business owners. There are a lot of business owners…

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Why Todd Lubar is an Expert in the Mortgage Banking and Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar’s name is preceded by his reputation as the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC as well as the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Apart from being a renowned business executive, he is well-educated. As such, he is an accomplished alumnus of Syracuse University where he graduated with a bachelor’s in speech communications.

Early Background and Work Experiences…

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Jason Hope Provides Aid to a Better Future

Jason Hope PhilanthropistApart from being a successful entrepreneur, Jason Hope entails other titles including, a philanthropist, investor and a futurist. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Helping people has become one of his greatest strengths as well as his desire in technology.

Jason Hope (@jasonhope) has a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Finance as well as an…

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Todd Lubar is one of the successful real estate businessmen of America. He is currently the founder and President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. He was born in the year 1972 in East Coast; U.S. He did his schooling school from Sidewell School from 1977 to 1987. He spent his high school years at the Peddie School, Hightstown, New Jersey. He received…


Seattle Genetics’ CEO Dr. Clay Siegall: Businessman, Doctor, Philanthropist

Living in the 21st Century has it’s benefits and weaknesses. Many of today’s most popular individuals all seem to be entertainers or athletes. Unfortunately many of the authentic heros never receive the credit that’s long over due. Making a positive impact on a life is far greater than picking up a microphone or shooting a basketball. Saving lives is a full time job that must…

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